Our Story

Hi there,

I’m Hitomi, owner and pastry chef at Baker and Table Cafe
I’m Japanese, married to a Canadian 15 years ago and have a 13 year old boy who loves to play video games ALL THE TIME!
I have a dog(papillon) who bosses my boy around hehe:)

My Pastry education started in 2007 at Vancouver Community College. I apprenticed at the Pan Pacific Hotel and they have been involved in a lot of international competitions.
I was asked to help Team British Columbia Pastry team to compete internationally in Erfurt, Germany in 2008. We achieved Gold medal.
I entered the Quady winery dessert competition as an individual. I was placed 3rd in 25 competitors throughout British Columbia.

I received Red Seal as a baker and was awarded one of best apprentices at Vancouver Community College in 2011. I started coaching Vancouver Community College students for Callebaut Chocolate Master intercollege competition. We won 2nd place in Canada in 2012.
When I saw the greatness in the chocolate competition, I entered EAT! Vancouver Chocolate Competition 2012 and received the Gold medal.

I received employee of the year 2012 at Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver.

As a side business I was making wedding cakes and was featured in WEDLUXE magazine in 2013.

Since 2013, I had been a pastry chef at Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Center. I love having students and apprentices in my kitchen and teaching everything I know. I completed the BC Provincial Instructor Diploma program at Vancouver Community College.

After I worked for Vancouver school board, I decided to open my pastry shop as a new challenge.
We opened our doors on Feb 3rd 2017
Baker and Table cafe means literary Me and a table we use under our cash register.
This shop name represents that my dream came true from nothing but only the table I found at a thrift store auction and so can you. I really hope that my story encourages you to do what you love most and your dreams can come true like mine.

My love to baking always,
Hitomi Syvertsen